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3 Things to Look for in Smart Patio Covers in Concord

Smart patio covers, also known as louvered pergolas are unique patio covers, installed in outdoor spaces like backyards, pools, and outdoor living spaces. They consist of smart features that enable the user to control their functions. In most cases, people opt for them to increase the living space because, unlike ordinary outdoor spaces these patio covers can turn into partial or complete roofs owing to their unique design and smart features.

However, not all patio covers are made to withstand harsh weather conditions. As they are installed in outdoor spaces, which rain, strong winds, and sunlight affect directly, they need to have properties that make them durable and long-lasting.

Here’s what you need to look for in smart patio covers.

Adjustable Blades

It is important to look for patio covers that can adjust easily. Adjustment options allow for controlled entry of sunlight. These covers are made up of horizontally aligned blades in a fixed fashion. In most cases, these blades are made up of highly heat-absorbing materials like aluminum.

Aluminum being a good conductor of heat prevents the blades from overheating and saves them from damage. In addition, each blade is connected with the pillars of the roof through pivots. Pivots are the region that allows the movement of the blades. To sum it up, one should look for patio covers that are easy to rotate, and highly heat absorbent.

Remote Control Operated

Patios are a place to hang out with your family members at the end of the day. The biggest advantage of the smart patio covers is that one can control their favorite shutter position with the touch of a button. With standard wooden patios covers, you cannot control the amount of sunlight or the amount of downpour.

In contrast, smart patios allow you to control all the effects of weather with a remote control. You can set the perfect shutter position and enjoy the rain for as long as you like.

High-Quality Sensors

Smart covers are smart because of the sensors installed in them. These sensors are there to activate certain functions that are important to make most of the patio covers, for instance, controlling sunlight entrance, closing off the shutters at the sign of rain, or adjusting the shutters due to the risk of flying off due to harsh winds.

The most common types of sensors include heat sensors and water sensors. So, in case it rains in your absence, these sensors will automatically close the shutters, saving your precious patio furniture from becoming soaking wet.

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