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6 Outdoor Décor Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With

The heat of summer has finally given way to cool breezes, yellowing leaves, and late-night lattes. Whether you have a small porch or a large balcony, this is the best time to add some seasonal touches!

Here’s a list of ideas on how to decorate your outdoor space:

Create a cozy seating area

Nothing says fall more than earthy tones and cozy throws. Add a bench to your outdoor idea that can double as a festive vignette for fall. Set it up against a railing or wall, layer it up with weather-resistant pillows, and throw in various warm tones. You can set planters around the bench using galvanized buckets or baskets before setting a nubby rug in the center. A few miniature gourds or pumpkins between planters can add a rustic vibe.

Display your plants on the fence

Mix and match small potted plants to hang on your simple wooden fence to add some color! This eye-catching style of setting up plants can also be utilized to create a small, vertical garden where you can grow your own herbs.

Make your own harvest planter

A large container such as a wagon or a wheelbarrow can be the perfect addition to your list of cute fall décor. If you’ve got the space, place a container filled with various fall elements like pumpkins, bittersweet, gourds, and browned leaves. You can also write a short note on the pumpkins or just leave it as it is. This décor can work till Christmas!

Decorate with grapevines

A fall garland draped over a fence or around a column can elicit smiles from passersby. You can thread florists wire through charms or mini molds before attaching it to the grapevine. A few sprigs of soft broomcorn seed heads scattered throughout the garland can soften the twiggy look of the grapevine.

Hang up some mood lighting

Colorful paper lanterns or strings of fairy light can create some gorgeous lighting for those dark evenings where you want to relax outside. Carefully placed battery-operated tea lights can also emulate the glow of candles, making the atmosphere feel even cozier.

An outdoor seating area without any patio covers in Bay Area

Smart patio covers in Bay Area

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