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6 Ways to Incorporate a Trellis into Your Backyard

Are you planning a garden makeover and don’t know how to use a trellis? It’s one of the best ways to add a structural element that provides vertical interest in the garden. This cost-effective method of maximizing growing space can really change your entire yard’s look, along with providing more surface area for plants to climb onto. Here are some ways that you can incorporate a trellis into your garden:

Trellis teepee

Trellises are great for climbing plants such as cucumbers and beans. If you’re a fan of growing your own vegetables, this is the perfect garden addition for you. Apart from adding to the aesthetics, netted teepees can help provide sufficient space for these plants to grow.

Trellis arch

Arched tunnels are a whimsical addition to gardens, instantly giving them a more romantic vibe. Using a trellis is the perfect way to set up an arch that’s covered by some gorgeous plants and vines. You can plant gourds, beans, or grapes next to the arch and watch them create a living archway.

Rows of trellis poles

For gardeners who have entire rows of plants that require staking, depending on a strong bamboo pole trellis is the best decision. You can drive bamboo branches into the soil on either side of the plants that need extra support and cross them into an X formation over each other. Use some strong twine to attach additional supports running between the branches, and you’ll create the perfect trellis for your plants to grow strong.

Trellis behind a box planter

If you’re adding in box planters or box-shaped plots in your garden, you can use a trellis at the back to add visual interest. Set it into the back of the planter or create some space to place it behind the garden bed. It’ll provide your climbing or tall plants with all the support that they need, and you’ll get much more growing space.

A-frame trellis

You can prop two pieces of trellis against each other to form an A before tying the tops together. Drive the bottom ends away from each other and into the soil. This can create a beautiful triangular space for your veggies or flowers to climb and explore. You can try growing beans, peas, gourds, cucumbers, or tomatoes in this way.

Trellis privacy screen

Trellis isn’t only for staking plants, they can also work as large privacy screens if placed strategically around your garden. Cedarwood would work best for these types of large trellis panels, and you can plant climbing flowers or vegetables next to them to make your garden feel less open to the public as they grow.

A trellis with roses

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