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A Guide to Choosing the Right Color Scheme for Your Patio

If done well, the color scheme for your patio can accentuate your outdoor living space and add lots of visual interest. The best patio color scheme will depend on various factors like exterior features, lighting, and the existing color scheme. Here’s a guide to choosing a suitable color scheme for your patio.

Match The Colors with the Home’s Exterior

Your patio color scheme should be cohesive with the color scheme of your home’s exterior. For guidance, you can look at the colors on your trim, siding, and other elements. You can use one of the colors and make it the star hue. Other colors can be chosen based on that central shade. If you have a deck on your patio, don’t forget to consider the deck’s color.

Think About the Deck Material

The deck’s material can also help you decide the colors you want to use for your patio. While a wooden deck can be stained or painted in the desired color, concrete decks offer limited options. If you wish to change the color scheme of your patio frequently, we suggest that you go for a wooden deck as they offer an expansive range of stain and paint colors with simple application methods.

Keep Wear and Tear in Mind

Be mindful that some parts of your deck are used more frequently than others. Therefore, both the finish and shade of the color should be kept in mind when selecting the color scheme. For instance, stairs have a greater footfall than the area near the fireplace. Therefore, you’d want to add a more robust seal and more frequent staining. Regardless of this, you should regularly clean your deck and schedule routine re-application or paint.

Consider the Color Wheel Rules

The most aesthetically pleasing deck color scheme would comprise of three shades: dominant, secondary, and accent. You can use the colors applied to your doors, siding, decking, trim, or outdoor furniture for inspiration. To formulate a pleasing color palette, you should keep the color wheel in mind. These three colors should either be complementary or analogous. It’s wise to use the same colors on your deck and overall design to ensure an elevated and cohesive color scheme. For instance, you can use one primary color on the wall and two supporting colors for furniture and planters.

Complement Your Landscaping

The plants and flowers on your patio can also help you decide on the color scheme. If your landscaping is mainly green, a color such as orange or red will complement the prominent shades of green. However, if your landscaping is heavy on flowers, a color scheme with neutral hues of greys and browns would look good. Moreover, if your patio is directly connected with your home, you can take inspiration from the indoor flooring.

Get Shade with Patio Covers

Protecting the colors from the harmful sun rays will ensure that your patio’s aesthetic appeal lasts long. If you’re looking for a shading company, check out StruXure. We specialize in designing and installing patio shade structures in the Bay Area and Concord, California.

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