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How Long Can My Patio Furniture Last?

Do you know that good-quality patio furniture can last you over fifteen years? Unlike mattresses with a 10-year warranty, patio furniture lasts based on how you take care of it. It depends on the material, climate, and maintenance.

Different Materials Have Different Lifespans

Along with the quality, the patio furniture material is also a crucial factor determining the furniture’s life. While wrought iron can outlast wood, there are different material choices that you can go for as each had its unique qualities. Here are some examples:

  • Wrought Iron Furniture can last for 25+ years
  • Cast Aluminum can last for 15+ years
  • Wicker Furniture can last for 15+ years

Powdered Coated Furniture

While furniture material is important, the manufacturing process is more crucial when it comes to the longevity of the patio furniture. Wind, sun, rain, and food spills can all take a toll on the furniture. However, if your furniture is powder coated, it makes a major difference.

It’ll help your furniture to withstand the natural elements. Moreover, powdered coated furniture doesn’t tear. In case there’s a chip, it won’t grow larger or peel off.

Resistant Pillows and Cushions

The fabric for your patio cushions and pillows should be water-resistant and resistant to UV rays. It should be sturdy enough to survive constant use. If the material is stain-resistant, it will be better as you wouldn’t need to wash the cushions and pillows every week.

Maintenance of your patio cushions and pillows is equally essential. Therefore, you should store the fabrics and keep your furniture covered when not in use. This way, it’ll last you longer.

Maintenance and Lifespan of the Furniture

The longevity of your patio furniture depends on its quality. Teak furniture made by a reputable company requires very little maintenance and can last longer than any other furniture piece. On the contrary, wicker furniture won’t last as long as teak, but if you take care of it, it can extend the lifespan drastically.

To ensure that your furniture is well maintained, you should follow the recommendations of your manufacturer. This way, you’ll know how to take care of the furniture, and you won’t end up doing something that can damage your furniture.

Reducing water and sun exposure is also an excellent way to maintain your patio furniture. While it’s true that outdoor furniture is made to withstand the elements, a little care on your part can go a long way.

Shade the Furniture with Patio Covers

Protecting the furniture from the harmful sun rays will ensure that your patio furniture lasts long. If you’re looking for a shading company, check out StruXure. We specialize in designing and installing patio shade structures in the Bay Area and Concord, California.

StruXure is adept at choosing the right design, size, material, and style based on the outdoor space we’re working on. Whether you’re looking for louvered trellis or aluminum patio covers, we’ll help transform your outdoor space into a gorgeous backyard living room.

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