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Louvered Pergolas Makes Any Outdoor Living Space Luxurious and Peaceful

A modern, automated pergola is one of the most attractive and practical outdoor features that can help you create a luxurious lifestyle. At StruXure Bay Area, we offer a range of high-quality and customizable louvered pergolas with varying architectural features and accessories. Our louvered pergolas can be built in any shape or size, can be attached to an existing outdoor structure like your deck or patio, or free-standing.

Discover our Pergola X line (Pivot 6, Pivot 6 XL, Pivot 6 Slide, and Pan 6) and customize your pergola with beautiful neutral color options, multi-zone configurations, weather sensors, and so much more.

Motorized Adjustments

A truly sophisticated pergola will increase the value of any backyard. A motorized luxury pergola will make adjusting the louvers as easy as clicking a single button on a damp-rated remote control.

Motorized luxury pergolas allow you to open and close the louvers without the need to get up from your comfy couch and turn manual rods or cranks. Use the remote-controlled motorized louvers to manage how much sun or shade you need, without interrupting your relaxation time by rotating them a full 170 degrees.

StruXure pergolas have interlocking louvers that adjust the louvers from both ends to minimize stress and wear on the louvers. This reduces the risks of louver warp, leaks and makes the louvers last decades.

Hands-Free Automated Control

A truly modern pergola offers you state-of-the-art options that go beyond just motorized louvers. At StruXure Bay Area, we can offer control of  your Louvered Pergolas with voice-activated technology, using simple voice commands via Google Assistance, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa.

So if the sun is too bright for you, all you need to do is give a simple command, “Siri, close the louvers,” and you won’t even have to reach for the remote control to get the job done.

Advanced Weather Sensors

The best luxury pergolas can offer you the comfort and convenience you need by being completely autonomous.

These pergolas are integrated with an array of sensors, including wind, rain, and snow sensors. These sensors are constantly monitoring the change in the weather and adjust the pergolas automatically. This means your dinner party will never be disrupted by a surprise spring shower, or a sudden bout of snow. The roof will automatically adjust depending on the speed of the wind to prevent damage.

State-of-the-Art Amenities

To ensure even more comfort and convenience, you can integrate your pergolas with cutting-edge amenities and technology. One of the best options is to add motorized privacy screens to the pergola, which can be retracted when needed. These screens also keep away mosquitoes and other bugs from your pergola and allow you to enjoy the outdoors in the best way possible.

In addition, it is a great idea to install other amenities like misting machines, patio fans, innovative LED lighting features, a fire pit, etc., so you can live in style.

Customized Colors

Our automated luxury louvers are made of durable and lightweight powdered aluminum, which is coated with anti-rust and anti-corrosion finishes. To make a lasting impression, we can customize the colors of your pergola to match your unique home style and personality.

Our Pergola X line is available in gorgeous neutral colors, including clean white, beige, adobe, gray, bronze, and black. You can choose the color that matches your home’s exterior, or even get two-tone style louvers to make a statement with your pergola.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for customizable pergolas in California, StruXure Bay Area has you covered. Explore our stunning line of elegant pergolas that bring a new level of sophistication and luxury to your home.

Order a pergola in the greater San Francisco Bay Area today by visiting us at or calling us at 1.925.433.7855.

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