Tips to Turn Your Balcony into an Outdoor Oasis

Tips to Turn Your Balcony into an Outdoor Oasis

Are you longing for a vacation? Do you want to escape the daily hustle of working? You aren’t alone. Taking a break is crucial for your mental and physical health. Research shows that people who vacation frequently have less risk of developing the metabolic syndrome.

However, amidst the ongoing global health crisis, going out of the city isn’t an option for many. But don’t worry! We’ve brought you some tips that’ll help you transform your outdoor space into an oasis so that you feel you’re transported to another world.

1.    Change the Floors

Most balconies have concrete floors. The greys of the balcony can make it look cold, bland, and uninviting. You can add pizzazz to the space by adding stick-on tiles in different colors. Interlocking tiles can be your DIY project elevating your balcony space.

2.    Add a Rug

A rug can quickly elevate your balcony space. You can put a run on the tiles adding warmth to your hard floor. The rug’s texture adds an element of comfort and warmth to your outdoor space, making it feel like it’s a part of your home. Moreover, a balcony rug can also as a tint of color and liven up space.

3.    Plant vertically

Since balcony space can’t be expanded, the floor space on your balcony needs to be utilized smartly. While adding plants is an excellent way to oasis-ify the area, keeping planters on the floor will take up a lot of space. The best way to add greenery is to plant vertically. Wall planters can add privacy and vibrance to your space.

4.    Add a Comfy Chair

There’s no denying the fact that after spending an entire day indoors, in front of your computer screen, you need to kick back and relax in your oasis. Therefore, adding a comfy sitting space on your balcony is a must.

A chair with fluffy cushions, a comfy backrest, and enough foot space would be perfect for a cozy evening out.

5.    Be Creative with Extra Seating

In most cases, you’ll be hosting people on your balcony. Therefore, make sure that there’s ample sitting space when you have people over. You can go for large cushions as they can make for comfy sitting. You can also store them or use them indoors if need be.  You can also get folding chairs.

Shade the Balcony with Patio Covers

Shade yourself and the furniture in your balcony with patio covers! If you’re looking for a shading company, check out StruXure. We specialize in designing and installing patio shade structures in the Bay Area and Concord, California.

StruXure is adept at choosing the right design, size, material, and style based on the outdoor space we’re working on. Whether you’re looking for louvered trellis or aluminum patio covers, we’ll help transform your outdoor space into a gorgeous backyard living room.

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